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Electronic Medication Administration Record

Intelligent Health Systems’ Electronic Medication Administration Record application gives you Access to all aspects of a patient’s medication administration. The EMAR product is  an interactive, online application that supports a paperless medication administration record.

Features Include:

Easy Access
  • Multiple access points provide quick access to the EMAR from multiple menus and patient selection screens.
  • The EMAR is accessible from the IHS Clinical Documentation System and Order Communication programs. Clinical staff members are not required to exit their other applications in order to document on the EMAR.
  • Pharmacy staff may access the EMAR from the IHS Pharmacy application.

Error Reduction
  • Because the EMAR is fully integrated with the IHS Pharmacy application, new medication orders are dynamically added directly to the patient’s EMAR automatically. No transcription of orders is required.
  • Changes to any medication order appear immediately on the patient’s EMAR.
  • The pharmacist may, at any time, check any order for detailed administration information.
  • Clinical staff may, at any time, review drug formulary information, interactions and pharmacy messages for each order.
  • The optional nursing order entry program utilizes all of the same interaction checking functions that are contained in the pharmacy program. These include drug-drug, drug-food, drug-allergy and drug-alcohol interaction checking. The interaction checking programs include interactions with herbal and over-the-counter medications.
  • Order stop date & time are automatically integrated with the EMAR. Discontinued medication orders show no additional administration times.
  • Orders that have not yet been confirmed by a pharmacist are flagged on the screen.
  • Clinical staff can record their ‘cross-checks’ directly from the EMAR screen.
  • The uncharted orders report quickly identifies patients without charted drug administrations.

  • Charting is performed on a computer, and may be performed in “real time” or at a later time.
  • The display may be toggled between trade and generic drug descriptions.
  • The EMAR presents all active pharmacy orders and each scheduled administration time in a columnar format. Clinical staff can choose to view historical information at any time.
  • Late/early administrations may be entered with client-defined parameters for on-time administration.
  • Fields for free-text comments and administration sites appear during the charting process. Client-defined required entry on many of these fields is available.
  • Clinical staff members may hold individual doses or place orders on hold, or discontinue pharmacy orders directly from the EMAR.
  • Mistaken entry functions permit correction of errors in documentation.
  • Client-defined color-coding is used to flag orders and scheduled administration times. Past due administration times appear in red, for example.
  • PRN orders provide checking against scheduled times and alert the clinical staff member when a dose is too early.
  • Direct access to the order detail allows for easy clarification of order information.
  • The clinical staff may optionally override administration times. This feature may be locked by nursing station or by drug.

Pharmacy Functions
  • Clinical staff may place new pharmacy orders for a patient, if permitted by the pharmacist. Security processes determine whether individual users have authority to these functions. The pharmacist determines whether these orders require confirmation by a pharmacist prior to processing.
  • Orders may be placed on hold, discontinued, renewed and reactivated by clinical staff with appropriate authority.

  • Multiple client-defined billing options are available.
  • Charging per dose may be performed prospectively (during order dispensing from Pharmacy) or concurrently (as each dose is charted on the EMAR).
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