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Medical Records/Chart Management

Intelligent Health System's Medical Records and Chart Management applications utilize a unit medical record number. Medical Records and abstracting includes detailed patient diagnostic information, along with a variety of report options. Medical Records is fully integrated with the IHS Patient registration, Patient Billing, Accounts Receivable, and Quality Utilization Management applications. Chart Managment is an application that enables you to track chart locations and to provide chart completion alerts to the medical staff.

Features Include:

Master Patient Index
  • Master Patient Index (Patient Stays by Medical Record number) provides inquiry to all patient encounters for all patient types, by patient number - displays patient number, patient type, admission/discharge dates, financial class, discharge class, and coded admission diagnosis for each encounter.


  • Integrates information from Patient Registration, Quality/Utilization Management, and Patient Billing to start the abstract process and print standard billing forms or claim submission.
  • Allows users to extract detailed data from patient histories for special reports, which can be organized by geographical area, diagnosis, etc.
  • Collects and organizes patient data into an abstract database for permanent online storage.
  • Allows for state specific reporting capabilities such as OSHPD (California), CHFC (Washington) and CHART (Colorado).
  • Ability to assign disharge diagnosis codes, procedure codes, DRGs, APCs, and HCPCS codes for ongoing reporting and compliance with federal regulations for billing.
  • Stores anticipated DRG and APC reimbursement dollar amounts for eventual comparative analysis.
  • Special study codes allow tracking of cases for reporting in the Abstract Case Review or Summary report writers.
  • Patient stays by medical record number includes medical service, attending physician, site codes, and social security numbers. 
  • Allows up to 99 procedure, diagnosis and HCPC codes with associated modifiers.
  • Abstract report writer enables users to define a population field narrowly or broadly and select a variety of detailed options for on-demand reporting. Abstract report writers allow for creation of the following indexes including but not limited to:

                       - procedures                                            - physicians
                       - diagnosis                                               - morphology codes
                       - discharges                                             - complications
                       - zip codes, counties                                 - financial class
                       - admission source, type                           - discharge disposition
                       - age                                                       - procedures 

Chart Management    

  • User defined chart deficiency codes allow monitoring of physicians; compliance with in-house chart completion rules with a specific date associated with each chart deficiency item.
  • Patients with chart maintenance records to be updated can be identified by patient visit number, or by medical record number.
  • Allows users to update chart deficiency parameters online based upon incomplete items identified in the chart.
  • Users can define, during the reporting process, the time lines for completion of the chart checklist by file date, discharge date, physician date or deficiency date.
  • Displays and/or prints a list of physicians' delinquent charts, identifying delinquent items by patient.
  • Enables users to create and maintain a variety of physician reminder letters tailored to reflect the hospital-defined level of deficiency.
  • Produces physician deficiency letters on demand with corresponding list of delinquent charts. 
  • Improves chart control by displaying or printing reports of deficiencies according to the age of the deficiency involved by physician, deficiency, or patient.



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